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Recipes with nduja

Penne with nduja

Ingredients (for 4 people): 500gr of penne, 1 small chopped yellow pepper, 1 minced red onion (best if from Tropea, Calabria), 1 glass of dry white wine, 400gr of tomato sauce, a pinch of sugar, 250gr of nduja, 2 spoonfuls of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Add pecorino (sheep's milk cheese) to taste.

Preparation: Warm olive oil in a pan and lightly sautè the chopped pepper and minced onion. Add nduja, mix everything quickly, then stir in the white wine and let it evaporate. Add the tomato sauce and sugar and let it cook over a low fire, stirring occasionally for 15 minutes. While the sauce cooks, boil and strain the penne. Mix the sauce and penne, add pecorino, and enjoy.